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Who Are We?

UproarLA fights the FAA's "Nextgen" low altitude airplane flightpaths at Hollywood Burbank Airport. We are a unified coalition of Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley residents, parents and environmentalists committed to rolling back noise and pollution-spewing airplane traffic over our schools, homes, neighborhoods and the Santa Monica Mountains.

Our group includes residents from North Hollywood, Toluca Lake, Studio City, Valley Village, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Hollywood Hills, Laurel Canyon, Coldwater Canyon, Beverly Glen, Bel Air, and other areas. It includes a large number of concerned parents from many of the impacted schools, comprised of over 10,000 students, including: Carpenter Elementary, Colfax Elementary, Dixie Canyon Elementary, Sherman Oaks Elementary, Campbell Hall, Oakwood School, Buckley School, Harvard-Westlake School, Sunnyside Preschool, Millikan Middle School, and Walter Reed Middle School.

What Do We Want?


To stop, through a legal process, the FAA’s Superhighway of Jets (created by two new flight paths out of Burbank Airport).
This Superhighway is having a devastating effect on all of the communities, schools, parks, and protected open spaces beneath it.

How Will We Do It?

UproarLA has retained the firm who beat the FAA for Phoenix residents on this exact issue -  Dentons, LLP, a firm with a history of successfully fighting the FAA on this issue, and a commitment to supporting community groups in the battle. This team has years of experience in the national environmental law, a knowledge of UproarLA and our legal strategy, and successful suits against the FAA. There is a strong legal case, especially on procedural and environmental grounds.

As a backstop to the City of LA suit against the FAA, UproarLA is preparing to sue the FAA when the proposal becomes final (originally slated for January 3, 2019, but now impacted by the Environmental Assessment). There are only 60 days after it becomes final to sue, or there is a risk of being time-barred.

1) Please contact your Government Representatives and tell them how important this issue is to you.  Click on TAKE ACTION BUTTON ABOVE.

2)   Join our new Burbank Airport Outreach working group. We want to remind Burbank Airport we are strong in
our resolve to fight these paths and Burbank’s planned expansion if these paths are not changed.  We want
to work with Burbank Airport on other issues as well, e.g. the often repeated “violations” of their voluntary

3)    If you would like to do more, UproarLA can always use the help! For example we need:

a.     Web Design/Maintenance Help
b.     “Block Captains” for even more areas, such as Toluca Lake, The Donas, Beverly Glen, West Sherman
Oaks Hills, and Upper Laurel Canyon​



Particulate matter deposits on leaves increase plant transpiration and the risk of plants suffering from drought. Particulate matter could thus be contributing more strongly to tree mortality and forest decline than previously assumed.

 2.    HEALTH IMPACTS FROM AIRCRAFT NOISE AND PARTICULATE EMISSIONS.  There are numerous studies documenting the impacts to health from repeated, prolonged exposure.  These include:



4.    DIMINUTION IN PROPERTY VALUE DUE TO AIRCRAFT NOISE.  Study concluded that the higher the relative price of a property, the higher the diminution in value, with largest loss 22.5% - 29% for  premium housing and 19% loss for moderately-priced housing.  

Booz-Allen & Hamilton Inc., “The Effect of Airport Noise on Housing Values:  A Summary Report, “ Office of Environmental and Energy Federal Aviation Administration (September 15, 1994)


What Can You Do?

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