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Submit Testimony (By Email) to Congress by Thursday



Congress held a hearing on March 17, entitled “Aviation Noise: Measuring Progress in Addressing Community Concerns” but ironically community concerns were not addressed. The hearing was hijacked by Airline/Airport lobbyists who minimized the devastating impacts of NextGen’s concentrated noise/pollution and included Frank Miller, Executive Director of Burbank Airport! Miller held BUR up, to Congress, as a shining example of Community outreach and neighbor relations! ACT FAST! SUBMIT TESTIMONY BY MARCH 31! Write your own brief personalized testimony of how BUR/VNY concentrated flight paths have impacted you. Tell Congress we are suffering under NextGen low, loud, focused flight paths and that we need them to ACT! Your personal experience makes a big difference so that not every email is the same. Here are some SUGGESTED ADDITIONAL POINTS you can include:

  • Community representation at the Hearing was inadequate: Aviation-impacted communities around the country were not adequately represented at the Hearing. The only speaker (one of eight) who was there to speak about communities was from the organization N.O.I.S.E. which does not represent my community, or the myriad of communities negatively impacted by aviation noise pollution around the United States.

  • NextGen needs an overhaul: This hearing should not have been about “community outreach” or “managing community expectations,” it should have been about overhauling a failed NextGen program that moved noise/pollution over communities that didn’t have it, and resulted in low, flat, concentrated corridors that extend for many miles away from the airport.

  • Early Metroplexes need a do-over: Community outreach will not fix NextGen’s noise/pollution problem in cities where there was a rushed rollout, like SoCal Metroplex. These failed metroplexes need a do-over.

  • Fix NextGen within highly populated metropolitan areas: FAA should be mandated to restore former, historical flight paths that were dispersed and proven safe for decades, so that no single group of residents bear the brunt of low, concentrated flight paths. Diffusing the noise through dispersal makes noise less impactful.

  • NES proved single metric DNL is obsolete: Mandate that FAA use existing, supplemental noise metrics, such as N-above, to measure noise miles away from the airport. Use of DNL alone, works only in the area immediately surrounding the airport and is obsolete in light of new NextGen flight paths.

  • BUR is NOT a good neighbor: Congressional witness, Frank Miller, Executive Director of Burbank Airport (BUR), should NOT be held as the gold standard for good neighbor relations. BUR is one of two land-locked airports that has tortured people for 5 years with new, relocated flight paths in communities that rarely had any jet noise before. With over 4 million complaints, BUR ignores its neighbors in Los Angeles and has refused to take actions that neighboring airports have to relieve newly impacted residents. BUR has initially planned, but not yet implemented, a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) that will consist of mostly unimpacted community representatives from Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena.


Send email to: Subject Line: Aviation Subcommittee Address letter to: Dear Congressmembers of the Aviation Subcommittee, Include personal testimony: “I am writing to provide personal testimony for your 3/17 hearing on Aviation Noise: Measuring Progress in Addressing Community Concerns." Describe where you live, what aviation noise you experience, what it feels like, and how it impacts you personally. Include (copy/paste) some of the bullet points listed above: “Please consider the following points:” Close your letter: “I urge Congress to take action to overhaul the failed NextGen program.” Sincerely, Name City

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