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UproarLA Submits New Evidence to the FAA

Our attorney, Matt Adams, has continued his work on our behalf, fighting the devastating new flight paths out of Burbank Airport. Newly-discovered key documents and updated data have provided additional information regarding the new routes and their impacts on the environment. Therefore, UproarLA has supplemented our Comment Letter to make these documents part of the official record and present them for the FAA’s consideration.

Here are a few examples of the documents our attorney has included:

  • CA_KBUR_SID_OROSZ THREE RNAV_Pp (Pg 4): A computer model of the JAYTE Waypoint (over Carpenter School) and the OROSZ 3 flight path that notes the aircraft altitude at JAYTE was “too low…Flight Track comes into contact with terrain.”

  • Metroplex Map 2016 new: The FAA’s original map produced for the Southern California Metroplex showing the locations of the flight paths out of Burbank Airport to be well north of the equivalent segments proposed in the new routes. In fact the paths are North of the 101 Freeway.

  • Analysis Of Airport Capacity Constraints: A Technical Memorandum stating that Burbank Airport, in its current configuration, has an estimated maximum annual passenger volume of 11.9 million. Last year Burbank Airport had “only” 5.2 million.

  • Girvin White Paper: A FAA paper, written by the the FAA’s new Western-Pacific Regional Administrator, that acknowledges the 65 dBA DNL noise standard is inadequate to address all noise impacts on naturally quiet areas. Many parks/lands within the Santa Monica Mountains are good examples of such areas.

UproarLA and Matt Adams continue to fight for our community. We thank you for supporting UproarLA and our efforts to regain the peace and tranquility of our neighborhoods! You can get further involved by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (links below), signing up for the newsletter, donating, and more!


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