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City Attorney Mike Feuer and KTLA visit Carpenter

Immediately following the LA City's joint letter to the FAA from LA City officials. Stacey Slichta and Matt Labate from UproarLA spent an hour with City Attorney Mike Feuer and others from the City Attorney's office at Carpenter to see first hand the impact of the airplanes flying over the school during school hours. 

We were able to share more information and urgency about the effect of the planes, the noise and pollution, the frequency, the low flying departures and arrivals, our concern for noise, health effects, and more directly with Mike Feuer. He let us know that he was scheduled to have a call later today with the FAA as followup from the joint letter sent yesterday, and tweeted out his visit.

Later that day Sara Welch from KTLA showed up to speak with Stacey, Lisa, and Matt from UproarLA at Carpenter for a piece on the 6pm news. This is all great momentum, with greater visibility and support from the press and LA city officials, and with the FAA's acknowledgment that these new paths need to be studied it's clear that things need to change. Of course, it's not enough yet, we believe that the FAA SHOULD and CAN change the paths IMMEDIATELY


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