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FAA: Stop Lying and REVERT NOW!

The FAA and BUR are once again spreading lies and claiming that there has been no change to flight paths or operations out of BUR. We need your help to hold them accountable. (See end of post for action items)  Recently the press was invited to a cozy tour of the BUR Air Traffic Control Tower.  And after, we heard the same litany of propaganda and lies (KTLA Report, NBC Report): 

As the FAA and BUR continue to ignore the facts, an FAA employee for BUR in Air Traffic Control attended Task Force and BUR Commission meetings and during the public comment period mocked our community's pain on social media. 

Recently, the LA Times broke the story. (LINK)

The FAA’s continued usage of these illegal NextGen paths constitutes a level of harassment that is much higher than an employee’s regrettable tweets - both of which, however, show the agency's’ systemic culture of ignoring community concerns.

The FAA warned Burbank airport in 2015 it was collapsing the historic fanned out path into a NEW “singular, repetitive departure track.” (Video showing that BUR KNEW). And by the FAA’s own admission in a July 30th report, “The data shows a southern shift for the southernmost BUR departure flight tracks that coincide with the time Metroplex procedures were implemented.“ (Link to July 30th FAA Report)

This year, BUR approved over $850,000 in fees for a marketing company to push BUR’s record setting growth. The result-- Air operations have increased by more than 20% from last year, with BUR on track to surpass its record high count from 2007-8. BUR’s growth comes at our community’s expense. This does not factor in BUR’s planned terminal expansion, which could increase current air operations/passenger count by appx. 50%.


The FAA agreed to move the SoCal Metroplex/NextGen path over Lake Arrowhead and revert to the original path-- with no EA-- and they can/should do the same thing for us. TELL THEM TO REVERT NOW.

Please call/email the FAA/BUR to let them know Enough is Enough.  The lies.  The insults.  The suffering.

Send your email to the FAA reps listed below, and cc the BUR/TASK FORCE as well.

FAA:  Teri Bristol— 202-267-1240, Raquel Girvin— 424-405-7000, Clark Dessing— 424-405-7000, Ian Gregor —

BUR/TASK FORCE Patrick Lammerding—  (818) 840-8840, Frank Miller —(818) 840-8840, Burbank Mayor Luddy: (818) 238-5750, Burbank Vice-Mayor Springer: (818) 238-5750, Glendale Mayor Najarian: (818) 548-4844, Pasadena Mayor Tornek: (626) 744-411,


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