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It worked! Thanks to all who contacted the LA Attorney!

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Dear UproarLA Supporters:

Thanks to all of YOUR hard work, calls and emails, along with Matt Adams' close collaboration with the City Attorney’s Office, we are the first to be able to announce that Mike Feuer, Los Angeles City Attorney, has issued a cease and desist demand letter to the FAA requiring the illegal and devastating flight paths over our NEW community halt immediately.  

In the October 18, 2019 letter, Mr. Feuer notes “the southerly shift has never been subject to public notice, comment, or environmental review." The letter also noted, "FAA recently conceded that air traffic controllers are directing pilots departing Burbank Airport to turn south of the tracks that were established and followed by departing planes prior to the Southern California Metroplex project."

Mr. Feuer also informed the FAA it will have 30 days to issue a Tower Order, Standing Operating Procedure, or other formal action mandating that air traffic controllers direct departing aircraft to follow flight tracks that were modeled in the Environmental Assessment for the 2017 Departure Procedures, and this correct the erroneous “southern shift” of the Runway 15 departure tracks.”

UproarLA is SO GRATEFUL to Mr. Feuer for his dedication to this issue and his tenacity in seeking justice for the tens of thousands of impacted children, families and residents.  We ask you to reach out to the City Attorney's office (213-978-8100, and thank him for this strong and decisive action. Please also contact our local elected officials to let them know you expect their strong and active support of Mr. Feuer in this endeavor.

You can view the letters HERE

And some press:


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