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LA Mayor Letter to FAA

Following the FAA's announcement of their decision to do an Environmental Assessment of the proposed new procedures out of Burbank Airport, and after much feedback from groups like UproarLA, today Mayor Garcetti, City Attorney Feuer, Council members Ryu, Koretz and Krekorian issued a joint letter to the FAA. The letter is on behalf of LA residents currently suffering from significantly increased low altitude jet incursions over our homes and schools due to Burbank Airport’s OROSZ and SLAPP procedures.

Critically, this letter demands, “What steps will the FAA take to address current noise concerns arising from exisiting OROSZ and SLAPP procedures?  Will the FAA commit to evaluate steps to encourage and/or require earlier right-hand turns to reduce the overflights over higher terrain south of the 101 Freeway?"

This letter is a meaningful step in continuing the fight to protect our community against these horrendous new flight paths, and demonstrates our concerns are being heard.  Importantly, UproarLA continues to work with our attorney, Matt Adams, who is in close contact with the City Attorney’s counsel in advancing our legal strategy to fight the current and proposed flight paths out of Burbank Airport.


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