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Letter to the FAA

Our attorney, Matt Adams, has been working diligently and vigorously on our behalf in these weeks since the FAA announced its decision to do an Environmental Assessment of only the proposed new procedures out of Burbank Airport.

Mr. Adams has developed a strong and thorough strategy to challenge the FAA’s decision to exclude the current flight path from study. And UproarLA, through our attorney, is seeking immediate relief from the current flight path's devastating impacts.

Yesterday, Mr. Adams sent Raquel Girvin, the FAA’s Regional Administrator, a letter outlining the glaring legal and procedural flaws with the current flight path: namely that it was never proposed nor explicitly evaluated in any manner.  And the public (including our community, who bears the brunt of this flight path) was never given notice. As such, Mr. Adams insists that the FAA “act without delay to minimize the significant impacts of current departures while the EA process is under way.”

Read the whole letter HERE.


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