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Massive Increase in Complaints (BUR/VNY)

For anybody living under the new devastating flight paths out of Burbank Airport, the massive increase in frequency and noise over the past year is nothing new.

Burbank Airport does not publish detailed complaint data - unlike Van Nuys, who does publish monthly reports - but we have worked with to pull all complaint data for Burbank Airport from May 2018 to January 2019. You can see a massive increase in complaints for both airports below. NOTE: This is not a complete picture of complaints, since Burbank receives complaints by phone, letter, and via their Webtrak system as well as Airnoise - so only they have the complete picture, and they are not sharing.

But the complaint increase is dramatic, and it is vital that as many people sign up for Airnoise, or submit complaints via letter, phone, email, or Webtrak AND continue submitting complaints to keep up the pressure from the community!



To drive the point home further, every Airnoise complaint tracks the altitude and geographic location of the plane at the time of the complaint. Using the same data as above, if you plot the locations of the planes on a map, you can see this massive increase and community disturbance more clearly comparing July 2018's complaints of around 4,500 complaints, versus January 2019's complaint total of over 73,000 complaints.

For those of you who are not aware, the FAA has proposed new flight paths out of Burbank Airport which are being implemented now, and over the past year, over dense LA residential neighborhoods, schools, and parklands previously not affected.

The issue is multi layered, the new flight paths have shifted paths and are lower which increases noise and particulate pollution, less dispersed due to efficiency in satellite navigation, and more frequent over sensitive areas. A study commissioned by the Airport Authority confirms the shifted paths.


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