*** ! RED ALERT ! *** Your Help Needed to Keep Burbank Fix Possible

Updated: May 28, 2019

[starts at 7:28] LAWA announced at their Board Meeting this week that the FAA is preparing to implement a “creative, new hybrid fix” for VNY flights. Officials indicated this potential solution for VNY will not address BUR, in fact, this “fix” has the potential to solidify BUR’s current problems.

We need your help! We must provide a loud, forceful voice to demand a solution for BUR by CALLING BURBANK OFFICIALS AND OUR REPRESENTATIVES.  We must make clear that any potential VNY strategy that impairs the ability to solve BUR is unacceptable. Please read below!

For those select Encino residents solely impacted by VNY this is encouraging news. For everyone else impacted by the BUR flight paths this "fix" has the potential to solidify BUR’s current problems – and potentially create new ones.  BUR solutions already suggested by the City of LA, UproarLA and members of impacted communities could be eliminated.

As our elected officials have previously demanded, our community’s suffering must be addressed holistically. The FAA’s position that the airspace in the San Fernando Valley is “limited,” “complex” and “interrelated,” demonstrates the risk of a one-off solution. For communities like Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Toluca Lake, Beverly Hills and Bel Air who are being bombarded primarily with BUR’s flight path, this segmented approach by the FAA is unacceptable. 

We need your help. We must provide a loud, forceful voice to demand a solution for BUR.  We must make clear that any potential VNY strategy that impairs the ability to solve BUR is unacceptable.

In conjunction with Studio City for Quiet Skies, we are asking all residents to contact City Council members, Mayor’s Office, Federal Officials, the City Attorney’s Office and the FAA (contact information below) with the message that BUR must be incorporated in any San Fernando Valley solution.  Do not let our politicians view this VNY “fix” as a “win” that reduces the pressure for a BUR solution to protect our school children, environmentally protected spaces and quality of life.

We must demand action from Burbank Airport Officials and the Burbank Airport Commissioners who refuse to acknowledge there is even a problem. This VNY news demonstrates the difference it makes to have an airport proprietor actively demanding the FAA find an acceptable solution.

UproarLA and our attorney, Matt Adams, are actively consulting with elected officials and will be monitoring this situation closely. We are prepared to take any steps- including legal action- to force a timely BUR solution.

Elected Officials:

Cm. Ryu- Nicholas Greif or Justin Orenstein- 213-473-7004

Cm. Krekorian- Doug Mensman- 818-755-7676

Mayor Garcetti - David Reich 213-978-0331

City Attorney Feuer- Rob Wilcox or Alexander Ponder- 213-978-8100

Cong. Sherman- John Brodtke-818-501-5911

Cong. Schiff- 818-450-2900

Sen Feinstein- Peter Muller- 310-914-7300

Sen. Harris- Heather Hutt- 310-231-4494

BUR Officials:

Frank Miller (Executive Director) 818-729-2228, John Hatanaka (Sr. Deputy) 818-729-2225

Patrick Lammerding (Deputy Exec.) 818-729-2250

Mark Hardyment (Envir. Affairs)- 818-565-1329

Burbank Airport Commissioners- Terri Williams (Bd. Sec.) 818-729-2229 Zareh Sinanyan (BUR Commissioner)- 818-548-4844

Terry Tornek (BUR Commissioner) - 626-744-4111


Dan Elwell (Acting Administrator)- 202-267-8111

Raquel Girvin (Regional Administrator) 424-405-7000

Clark Dessing (Service Center Director) 424-405-7000

Thank you for your support!


UproarLA fights the FAA's "Nextgen" low altitude airplane flightpaths at Hollywood Burbank Airport. We are a coalition of Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley residents committed to rolling back harmful jet airplane noise and pollution-spewing aircraft traffic over our schools, homes, neighborhoods and the Santa Monica Mountains.

For more information on these and other related issues, please also visit our sister organization Studio City for Quiet Skies.




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