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THANKS! BUR Airport Authority Meeting followup

What an amazing turnout at the BUR Authority meeting! About 200 people showed up and packed the room, hallway and stairwell to be heard and share their personal, moving stories. Thank you to all of you who attended and sent letters of support- you represented so energetically and wonderfully the thousands who could not make it.

You can view the meeting in its entirety below:

This meeting resulted in numerous critical first-time admissions by the BUR Authority:

  • The flight path has shifted over areas that never before received aircraft previously and the aircraft are too low.

  • They would return to the historical flight path if they could.

  • It is an emergency and requires immediate action by BUR staff and the Authority.

  • This is the number one issue now for BUR and will be on the agenda every meeting moving forward.

  • They will reach out to the FAA and airlines to start looking for solutions, now.

UproarLA will follow up on the many issues/suggestions raised at this meeting. We will continue to attend every BUR Authority meeting and seek answers and specifics as to what BUR staff and Commissioners have done in the intervening period. We will continue to assure your voices are heard and pressure is applied as aggressively as possible. We will also continue our dialogue with City and Federal officials to pursue specific next steps.

In addition to the meeting and progress, we had significant press interest and coverage from KTLA, CBS7, and the LA TIMES.

We cannot do this without you, and appreciate your time, efforts and passion. Please keep the pressure on BUR, City of LA and Federal officials- it is paying off!


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