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BUR Expansion Public Meeting Update and Action Items

Thank you to the hundreds of people who showed up last night to the FAA Workshop!

We made our voices heard by both FAA and Burbank Officials that we cannot support their Expansion while almost 200 flights a day decimate our community in person and in writing. Our letter is HERE, and we've also submitted comments directly from you to the FAA. There are two ways you can get involved, see below.

Not only do our communities bear the burden of these destructive new paths, but our Federal tax dollars will undoubtably be used to help pay for Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena’s new facility.  Here are some actions you can take:

1: You can request of Burbank Airport by emailing them at and PLAMMERDING@BUR.ORG:

  • BUR and its owners, Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena need to strongly and repeatedly call for the FAA to move these horrendous flight paths immediately: They can let the FAA know that the environmental ramifications of flying hundreds of jets over our protected Santa Monica Mountains and surrounding base areas are unacceptable.  

  • BUR can and should provide a clear explanation for the source of the devastating and substantial changes we have all observed these last 8-10 months: The Landrum and Brown report was inconclusive at best.  We need a study that tells us who made what change, why did they do it, and what steps can be taken to resolve it. 

  • BUR should immediately conduct an independent study that analyzes real world flight range data to accurately determine how low the jets are flying over our homes and schools. 

2: You can email with your comments on the expansion and we'll submit on your behalf OR send it directly to the FAA yourself to the address below:

Mr. David F. Cushing

Manager, Los Angeles Airports District Office, LAX-600 777 S. Aviation Blvd, Suite 150 El Segundo, CA 90245


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