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Covid19 Update

Dear Neighbors, From all of us to all of you, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and heathy and continue to be so during the upcoming weeks and months.  During this time, while we will still provide relevant updates on any legal movement, we aren't planning on sending a lot of blasts. Other updates: 

  • Task Force Meeting: The April 1st Final Task Force Meeting has been indefinitely postponed, with the Mayor of Burbank indicating that it should eventually be an “in-person” meeting. Clearly, that may not be possible for several months at the very least.  While our City figures out how to navigate these new waters, UproarLA, along with other community groups, requested that this final meeting be conducted online as soon as possible.

  • Airline Bailout: Studio City for Quiet Skies and other community groups have informed our Federal Representatives that any bailout should come with provisions for community relief. There is a prewritten letter on the SCQS website if you would also like to send a similar message, linked HERE.  Time is of the essence because the airline bailout is being debated by Congress this weekend.

  • We are in conference with our legal team to understand any possible changes in the FAA timeline and/or our legal response strategy in light of this crisis.

Wishing you all our hopes for sanity, safety, and health during this time. UPROARLA team


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