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"Flying Taxis" are Coming - Send 1 Pre-Drafted Email to SAY NO

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Dear Supporters,

Along with Studio City For Quiet Skies (SCFQS), we are asking you to send a suggested pre-drafted email to elected officials regarding an FAA/DOT request for comments on new "flying taxis". These are also known as Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) or Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

Please CLICK HERE for the email instructions and see below for phone numbers. In addition to an email, a call to an intake person makes a huge impact.

Thank you.

UproarLA team


Let your representatives know that FAA/DOT has released an AAM Federal Register Request for Comments and you want the City of L.A. to submit a comment opposing AAM before the deadline on August 16.


1. Please write to your reps and tell them you do not want AAM in Los Angeles! Please CLICK HERE for a suggested email to reps with email addresses. Email us at if you cannot access the email instructions. 2. Please also call your representatives. An influx of phone calls will grab their attention: Mayor Karen Bass: (213) 978-0600 Councilmember Nithya Raman CD4: (213) 473-7004 Councilmember Paul Krekorian CD2: (818) 755-7676 Councilmember Katy Yaroslavsky CD5: (213) 473-7005 Councilmember Bob Blumenfield CD3: (213) 473-7003 Congressman Brad Sherman: (818) 501-9200 Tell them this: "Angelenos do not want Advanced Air Mobility or flying taxis in our city. Please comment on the DOT Federal Register Notice opposing flying taxis in L.A. Information has been emailed to you."


We will be asking you to make comments and will be providing suggested comments within the next couple of weeks. Studio City For Quiet Skies has already written an AAM comment that it shared with the City.

Test flight of an AAM "flying taxi" from Joby Aviation. These will fly low (and below jets) at 400 AGL.


According to an FAA tweet, "the reality of air taxis may be closer than you think!" FAA just released its Advanced Air Mobility (AAM or flying taxis) Implementation Plan called “Innovate 28” where it will partner with “key locations” in an “all hands-on-deck approach” to put AAM in the skies by 2024-2025, scaling up operations by 2028. During the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles, FAA believes “air taxis will be in high demand." Equity is a pervasive issue in Los Angeles. AAM is intended for ultra-wealthy users, and seats only 2-4 people! The plan is for eventual high density and large-scale operations at very low altitudes (think of a baseball field from home plate to the center field fence). AAM will be loud and extremely low! Imagine aircraft with multiple propellers whirring and buzzing right above your heads while in your back yard! Some have said they create a cacophony of noise and have compared the sound to that of a chainsaw! Negative impacts to safety, noise, air quality and loss of privacy are extraordinary! Please see our prior email blast for further information.


This entire FAA and aviation industry effort is driven by corporate greed, under the guise of innovation. FAA has not demonstrated an actual need for AAM. We are now in a climate emergency and can’t afford to share the electric grid with this greedy new industry. With the current strain on the electric power grid, Los Angeles should not risk air conditioning for the public in order to enable an industry focused on the private transport of the elite. AAM is nothing more than a frivolous and inequitable service that will require substantial infrastructure investment. Our representatives should focus their efforts and our resources on homelessness rather than enabling the ultra-wealthy to skip the traffic. The only way to fight AAM is with massive public outcry! The FAA and AAM industry are worried that the public won’t accept more noise and the visual blight on the landscape. We have confirmation that AAM is in the planning stages in Los Angeles. We also need an “all hands-on-deck approach” if we have any chance to stop AAM before it begins!

AAM aircraft in an airport hangar with private jet. Even more aircraft flying same flight paths, but lower!


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